Frequently Asked Questions


  • Does your contract require an author to give up any rights to their books?
    Authors retain all ownership rights. DPZ can help sell your publications at the discretion of the owner/author.
  • Does DPZ Technology require any exclusivity rights in their agreements?
    DPZ Technology does not require and exclusivity arrangements.
  • What is your charge for editing?
    We offer General, Creative, Technical and eBook editing on an as needed basis. We offer a 30% discount if all four editing services are purchased at the same time. General editing covers spelling, grammar and punctuation, Creative editing is content refinement, technical editing is the creation of technical specifications like layout, pagination and table of contents while eBook editing is formatting of content. Technical and eBook editing can be avoided if the manuscript will be provided in our suggested format (formatting instructions will be provided prior to any manuscript submission).

Book Printing

  • What is the typical cost of a book printed by DPZ Technology?
    A typical 6x9 book with a 4 colored glossy cover, 200 pages with black interior print on 40 or 60 pound white or crème paper would cost $3.25 per book regardless of the quantity ordered (1 or more books). Fulfillment charges (packing, order costs, shipping) additional. Typical one book order shipped in the continental United States add $0.80 for packing and handling. Shipping cost (usually paid by consumer) is approx. $3.00. Other books printed within our guidelines will not vary much in cost.
  • What is the turnaround time?
    Once the final approved manuscript is submitted, the books will be available for distribution within three to seven business days.
  • Where are the books printed and shipped from?
    Book will be printed and distributed from our Tennessee or Arizona locations, depending upon the shipping destination.
  • Does DPZ do all order fulfillment?
    Yes. Book orders will be mailed directly to the customer if desired. The return address will reflect the authors name with the address being our shipping location. There is a $0.05 packing charge per book plus a $0.75 order charge for this service. The postage charged will be the actual amount, not an average.


  • How many versions of eBooks are there?
    Currently there are 26 acceptable eBook versions and all versions can be produced by DPZ Technology. There are 5 versions that cover 98% of all tablets and eReaders that are provided to all authors utilizing our services for one low cost. If additional versions are requested we will produce that version at no additional cost to the author.
  • What does it cost to develop an eBook?
    Our standard version of eBook development costs approximately $395 per eBook title. This includes versions that cover 98% of all tablets and eReaders including iBook devices, Nook, and Kindle. Additional formats provided upon request and at no additional charge. Enhanced versions of our eBooks are available at an additional cost. Enhanced versions contain Voice-overs, Video capability (embedded as well as streamed from the Internet), Annotation, Unlimited graphics capability, and Workbook capability. Prices quoted separately.
  • What functionality is included?
    Our standard eBook functionality includes content linking, color imaging, font sizing, graphic insertion and searching capabilities.
  • Is other functionality available?
    Enhanced versions of our eBooks are available at an additional cost. Enhanced versions contain Voice-overs, Video capability (embedded as well as streamed from the Internet), Annotation, Unlimited graphics capability, and Workbook capability. Prices quoted separately.

Web Sites and eCommerce

  • Would I own the any web site purchased or would you be creating a page on another site?
    The purchaser owns any web site developed and we do not create a page on any other site. You are responsible for all content of a full working eCommerce web site that would be customized utilizing your selected working modules and our standard guidelines.
  • What is the cost to develop an eCommerce web site?
    For less than $1,000 you will receive either an eCommerce web site or an integrated eCommerce portal consisting of the following: • For $800 - $950 the development of your own eCommerce web site with full retail sales ability • Advanced Search Engine Optimization techniques (ASEO) to increase your page rank for internet search • A 12% of web site administration fee for sales transactions administration, tax and reporting analysis, funds distribution, and other marketing analytics • Hosting and server maintenance fee is $15 per month or $150 annually • A Maintenance Agreement is available for an additional cost • Additional functionality available
  • What if I already have a web site?
    If a web site already exists that does not have eCommerce capabilities (internet sales) we will develop an eCommerce portal that will look as if it was part of your original web site design. This eCommerce portal is then linked to your website.

Sales and Marketing

  • What type of sales and marketing is available?
    Besides increasing sales and revenues from your own eCommerce web site other opportunities exist as described below: • Reach out to targeted demographics with an email marketing campaign consisting of a series of e-trusted informational/sales messages. • Social Media Marketing sales campaign consisting of outbound messaging using the “Bookmark” approach and targeting Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. • Through the DPZ Affiliate Marketing Program we will represent your book utilizing the many marketing channels available to DPZ Technology via e-commerce. The author does not incur any additional cost until the affiliate marketer sells their books at which time the author pays a commission. This commission is usually a percentage of net profit. • Our eBook Club is free to join and no commissions are paid until an eBook is sold. This eBook Club will be very unique and aggressive with outbound marketing as well as taking advantage of Advanced Search Engine Optimization techniques (ASEO). • Other marketing available into webinars, campaigns, and eMarketing efforts.