Why use DPZ Technology vs. Amazon

1. Common functions of DPZ and Amazon.com

2. Key points to use DPZ over Amazon

3. Key point to use Amazon over DPZ

  1. Common functions of DPZ and Amazon in the publishing business.
    1. DPZ and Amazon both provide a method for a consumer to find, purchase, and receive goods transacted on the internet.
    2. Both provide for the effective fulfillment (or delivery) of the product, whether a hard goods product or a digital product.
    3. Both provide for the funds received from the customer to be transferred to the owner’s bank account.
    4. Both provide a web presence for problem solutions.
    5. Both have effective customer service methods.
    6. Both ship worldwide.
    7. Both offer Social Media Network Marketing within their systems.


  2. Key points to use DPZ over Amazon
    1. DPZ fee structure is less expensive than Amazon fee structure.
    2. DPZ, A Dickinson Press company, has long-term professional expertise specializing in the publishing/book-making environment and has been in business for over 100 years.
    3. DPZ offers low-cost quality ‘Print-On-Demand’ for published products (see requirements).
    4. DPZ offers a specialized eCommerce web site unique to our customer’s needs. Whereas Amazon has an integrated system that showcases the product, DPZ’s eCommerce platform showcases the customer and their company as well as their products (see url examples).
    5. DPZ offers a range of promotional discount options.
    6. DPZ offers a robust sales analysis and data tracking system with its eCommerce system.
    7. DPZ offers complete fulfillment and shipping for published products at no additional cost to the owner/author. Amazon’s fulfillment service requires the owner/author to ship hard goods to one of their worldwide warehouses and they will do the shipping. The owner/author is required to pay shipping to their warehouse and also a stock/inventory fee (see Amazon report).
    8. DPZ offers the owner/author the choice of levels of anonymity (see previous correspondence).
    9. DPZ will not embed advertising into the eCommerce site without the express written permission of the author/owner.
    10. DPZ allows for multiple items in multiple categories to co-reside in the owner/authors web site eCommerce system.
    11. DPZ offers multi-level funds distribution within its system.
    12. DPZ will create ALL eBook formats for our customers. Amazon will create/sell only the format used on their Kindle device.
    13. DPZ allows the customer to set all prices for all products. Amazon retains the right to price digital products in certain circumstances (when Amazon develops the eBook).
    14. DPZ offers a myriad of eMarketing techniques to its customers (mostly fee based, optional for the customer).
    15. DPZ offers inclusion into its eBook Club environment.
    16. DPZ offers our customers the opportunity to participate in our Affiliate Marketing program at no cost (where other firms can market your product for a commission and vice-versa).
    17. DPZ offers the DPZ Promotional Distribution Service to our customers at no additional charge. This is particularly effective when a digital product is shipped at no charge to select customers (reviewers, media, friends, family members, etc). This feature is secured and password protected.


  3. Key points to use Amazon over DPZ
    1. Even though DPZ has specialists in the industry and in business for over 100 years, Amazon.com is the international leader in publication internet sales. They are a dominant brand.
    2. Amazon has world-wide name recognition. This helps the purchaser to ‘remember’ where to go buy the book.
    3. Amazon has a robust SEO (search Engine Optimization) platform. If a person wants to ‘scan the Amazon net’, they can find their publications quickly. Since most book sales are a ‘directed’ sale (i.e., the customer already knows about the book) this feature is not as important as in other products besides books. Nonetheless, consumers do know that they can get their book at Amazon.